MY NAME IS PETER HARRIS  
Let me give you some background,I have had this car for about 28 years,I was doing work for a customer who bough and sold Jaguar XKE's this one was a rollover he pickup for parts, I kept the body,the roof was so bad I cut it off and made it in to a roadster,believe me if it was a good car I would have never cut it up. 
I put in a boss 302 Ford and C6 trans,flared the rear fenders for larger tires some side pipes and a few other things and drove it 
for about 4 years never did paint it,the trans went bad and it got parked.
Life went on, I sold my business,I even got to work for one of the great all time customizers Gean Windfield who I am glad is still going strong out in Mojave.
I moved from LA Calif to Carson City NV about 14 years ago and brought the Jag with me, opened a shop hear ( DREAMSTREET Rods & Customs ) building other people's cars but the Jag sat then 4 years ago I pick up a 1927 Ford touring and robed the front and rear suspension off the Jag for it.
If you are wondering the engine it a 1941 Cadillac Flathead which i adapted a RaJay turbo charger to.
With that car done it was time to get back to the Jaguar,trying to decide what I wanted to do with it a customer came in with his 
1972 Oldsmobile cutlass which was 1972 Motor Trends car of the year it has a blown olds engine in the rear and I though this is neet 
I wonder if I can do this to the Jag so that's how this project started.

First I got a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado and cut away every thing but the front frame up to the fire wall and scraped the torsion bars,
then I set the whole engine and frame up on to a jig we use for suspension swaps and lined up 2x4 box steel rails to line up to the
Jaguar side rockers which I opened up along the bottom so the body can slid down on to the rails,the next step was to figer out how
much I had to extend the Jag body behind the seats so I cut the body just behind the B pillar then lined up the wheel wells then 
slid the body back till i had the clearance I wanted to the front of the engine which came up about 8" I had to add to the body to 
add some strength to the body I put in 1/4" steel panels on the inside front to back around the doors.

I wanted the back to tilt to make it easier to work on the engine and suspension,the Cad steering was locked up with adjustable rods to set the toe in the upper a arms where opened up to accept coil overs,the front suspension I went with a gasser style tube axle since I no longer planed to road race the car.
the engine you see in the pictures above is just a mock up engine the engine you will see later is a Cad 500 ci built by Potter Automotive in TN dyno sheet is 501 hp 4861 rpm with out the Don Hampton blower.
A lot of sheet metal and fitting time in this car,the whole car is steel no fiberglass was used in the custom work.
On with more pictures
The headlights are 2005 Ford taurs the wing has 3 LED cats eye taillights from Speedway Motors wiring from EZ wiring gauges are dolfin,BM shifter, seats are Datsun 280Z,dash is solid birdseye mapel,20 gal fuel cell.
More pictures.

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